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Time is precious. That's why we've invented the easiest and fastest way to start working globally. Don't spend endless hours on paperwork: Spend it doing things your way, the Rimuut way.

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Transform yourself to a legitimate business within seconds. Registration is as simple as it can be, and you'll have access to your business account in no time, so you can start getting paid, fast.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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This the age of the “Digital”: No red-tape, no physical paper collection: get everything organized in Rimuut, from your invoices to your agreements, all in the cloud, safe and accessible.

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Be on the streets of Paris, or in the way to top of Everest; while enjoying a beach or in a bus to downtown, your company is wherever your phone is. Send invoices, get paid or create agreements on the go.

In simplest terms, Rimuut is the right hand of Digital Nomads. It delivers its promises by being practical, safe and proactive. I've had many problems from other methods while dealing with my customers, who are mainly international; now I can just let Rimuut handle all the hassle while I focus on what is important: Doing my job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rimuut is a EU-based Virtual Company service provider for freelancers who want to invoice their customers and collect payments, without starting a business. Basically, Rimuut act as YOUR company, YOUR financial and commercial representative, and YOUR best friend, forever.💛

A Virtual Company is a borderless, micro-company that you can use to conduct business all around the world as a legitimate entity without actually starting a business. This is made possible by Estonia’s e-Residency program and the passion of our team, to help freelancers, digital nomads and people who does not want to undergo the burden and cost of starting a company locally.

For starters, starting a business involves several fixed costs, depending on which country you are from, can take between a week and two months. In addition to that, you’ll need an accountant, you’ll have notary costs, etc. When each and every cost pile up, you may well be starting your business with a debt, like a new grad in USA. Having a virtual company will help you avoid that cost and in addition, being a borderless company plays well with digital nomads and freelancers that operate on a global scale.

When you register to Rimuut and create your first invoice, we legally become your digital service reseller, buying the service you provided, and reselling it to your client. This way, Rimuut, you and your client become “Reseller”, “Subcontractor” and “Buyer” in that order.

Each virtual company’s legal entities are Rimuut itself, and each payment is done to these virtual companies as a salary payment.

TL;DR: It’s all according to international laws & regulations.

Hi, our beloved freelancer from [insert country name]. You can register and use Rimuut from anywhere on Earth. We are still negotiating over some small hiccups to cover ISS and the Moon. (NASA has a strange tax & expense policy.)