12 Simple Freelance Invoice Templates


Freelancers often find themselves frustrated by the need to create invoices. It takes time away from the work they like to be doing, and it’s not always clear how to price their work. We know sometimes you get lost in your Google Docs, Excel, or Word documents.  

We feel your pain and want to help out! That’s why we’ve put together a collection of invoice tips and blank invoice templates that you can use to create stunning invoices for your clients. Here are the best simple self-employed invoice templates.

Download 6 Professional Looking Freelance Invoice Templates

Download the printable files, and send them! The best thing is there’s no contractor invoicing software to sign up for or web-based invoice generator forms to fill out. Each template is professionally designed in various styles, from simple to modern – giving you the power to select the suitable invoice template that’s just right for each client. Download the templates to supercharge your freelance business and create an invoice for your freelance work.

Download Invoice Template


Download Invoice Template

Download Invoice Template

Download Invoice Template


Download Invoice Template

Download Invoice Template

Invoice templates for 6 Top Freelance Businesses

Are you looking for a freelance invoice example? If yes, this article is for you. Freelance invoice templates make it easier than ever to generate work invoices that impress customers and win new business. The templates in this article are a simple example of what your professional invoice might look like. Use the outline of this work invoice template and create invoices for freelancers in seconds. Check out which one of these templates suits your job better. These invoice templates are a free, easy way to get paid more quickly and track your billable hours. Try it out and contact us with any feedback! 

  • Writer Invoice Template 

Let’s start our template list with a popular one: freelance writer invoice template! To keep the bookkeeping and billing for your freelance writing gigs in-house, you need a template that makes it easy to create professional invoices in minutes. With our invoice template, all you need to include is the necessary information about the job. By keeping bookkeeping and billing as an in-house task, you can truly focus on what needs the most attention with your business: the writing. A template is a helpful tool for any freelance writing business. If you need professional-looking invoices for freelancers, then this template will effortlessly help you get the job done. Here is the freelance writing invoice. 

Download Freelance Writer Invoice Template Word

Download Freelance Writer Invoice Template PDF

  • Web Design Invoice Template

Invoicing is one of the more annoying tasks for web designers. Finding a well-designed freelance invoice sample is even a more challenging task! Whether you bill by the hour, page, or project, most invoices are a pain to create. There are so many different types and formats that it gets confusing, not to mention that every service provider has its template and fonts. We’ve created a Web Design Invoice Template for Word and Excel that you can download instantly, customize with your logo and company name, and print out on your company letterhead. Here is the freelance web design invoice template.

Download Freelance Web Design Invoice Template Word

Download Freelance Web Design Invoice Template PDF

  • Web Developer Invoice Template

Our invoice templates have an attractive layout explicitly focused on web developers and their needs – you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what you love. This invoice template is easily customizable, so you can get it looking just right for your business. Here is the freelance web developer invoice template.

Download Freelance Web Developer Invoice Template Word

Download Freelance Web Developer Invoice Template PDF

  • Journalist Invoice Template

For both PDF and Microsoft Word formats, our freelance journalist invoice template can be used by any journalist to bill their clients accurately for their work. You can also use the template to determine how much a piece of writing was worth per word (or word count) that you write. The invoice also allows you to keep track of your expenses to determine what costs you are eligible to offset your income at tax time. Here is the freelance journalist invoice template.

Download Freelance Journalist Invoice Template Word

Download Freelance Journalist Invoice Template PDF

  • Consultant Invoice Template

Download the consulting invoice template that provides an official request for payment on most consulting services, such as management consulting, business strategy, IT consulting, and more. For each invoice, you should describe the types of consulting service you've offered, the hourly rate, and the dates and hours the transaction covered. Here is the freelance consultant invoice template.

Download Freelance Consultant Invoice Template Word

Download Freelance Consultant Invoice Template PDF

  • Marketing Invoice Template

The marketing invoice template helps marketing freelancers and agencies to create simple and effective invoices in minutes. The free invoice generator allows them to create an invoice in only a few clicks and watch the billing process unfold with one click of a button. Here is the freelance marketing invoice template.

Download Freelance Marketing Invoice Template Word

Download Freelance Marketing Invoice Template PDF

Couldn’t find your business here? 

Generate your project invoice template here: Invoice Generator.   

How to use the Freelance Invoice Templates?

Our free invoice templates for freelancers are ready-to-use right out of the box - you need to customize them before sending them to your clients. 

  • Using the blank invoice, you will be able to ensure that your invoice contains all essential information.

  • All invoice templates contain fields where you can enter your client's information, including his/her name, address, and contact details.

  • You will also find fields for entering the project details, invoice amount, and your personal information.

  • After creating your invoice or send it to your clients right away. 

Which sections should a Freelance Invoice Template include?

The freelance invoice template is a comprehensive kit that will help you write and format all of your invoices’ essential components. Our free invoice template for freelancers includes these features:

  1. Name and contact information for both yourself and your client

  2. Invoice identification number 

  3. Date of the invoicing issue day 

  4. Work order number or job code number

  5. The due date for payment or current payment status

  6. A description of your work 

  7. Number of hours worked on a particular part of the project

  8. Subtotal of all costs

  9. The total price you’re charging, including tax

Why is using a Professional Looking Freelance Invoice important?

When you give your clients a well-formatted invoice, contains your company information and logo, and has line-item details, you’re showing off your professional side. Knowing that you have a clear picture of what was done and how much this work will cost the client helps build trust and encourage them to get in touch about future freelance projects -and- enables them to hire you on a repeat basis.

A professional-looking invoice has a tremendous impact on how clients view you and your business. If your invoice isn't eye-catching and straightforward, it might cost you more in the long run, as clients may associate this with the quality of work you do. By sending out professional invoices, you'll show your business skills as well as your dedication to doing stellar work. Plus, sending professional invoices demonstrates your professionalism and ability to do quality work consistently.

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