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There is no hidden costs. There is no starting fees. Your money is precious, we know that. That’s why we worked hard to get you the lowest costs to start invoicing and getting paid globally. You sign in, you invoice your customers, you get paid. As simple as that.

No Setup Fee - No Paperwork - No Bureaucracy

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Free Forever.

Registration to Rimuut is free. You WILL NOT pay a fixed cost, you WILL NOT pay a sign-up fee, a maintenance fee or a fee for your account to exist.

You will only be get charged when an invoice of yours gets paid, and that’s it. All of Rimuut’s virtual companies are important accounts; all of our customers are equal. That means no upsell emails, no paywall to access essential features.

Setup fee $0
Maintenance fee $0 / month

I can code for days and won't blink an eye. But finding a way to deal with my customers in financial terms, finding invoices, getting paid and trying to avoid hefty charges; that was the excruciating part of being a freelance developer. Now? Now I have Rimuut and I am in love how they fixed the crooked freelancer life by turning all of us into virtual companies.

You pay an entrance / registration fee of “null”. Every month, we charge your credit card for “null.” You don’t pay anything to Rimuut as long as you don’t invoice your customers. That’s it. No registration fee. No monthly fee to keep your Virtual Company up and running.

Let’s check our state-of-the-art calculator here.

Let’s write down 1000 EUR and select EUR as our Pay-in currency. Now, select where you are going to get your payment.

If you are a business-savvy person, you will have a virtual iban, courtesy of Transferwise. Click on the pay-out currency and select EUR. Or, if you are old-school, you can pick Bank Account. No-one’s gonna judge...Ahem.

Voila! You are going to get 955 EUR anyways!

No. In Rimuut there is no hidden cache, no charges attached. Just free love our flat rates. Though in cases where we need to use SWIFT network, there may be additional fees that your bank may charge you with, and that’s outside of Rimuut’s hinterland, sadly.

Yeah, sure. You can, but let’s put it through a financial perspective: When comparing the cost of two alternatives, you should not put our flat rates versus the VAT / tax rates, since that’s not a correct comparison. You’ll need to include the notary costs, accountant fees, whatever you pay to your local authorities to register one, plus the days you’ll need to invest; so on so forth.

There is a beautiful chart made by World Bank here, so you can understand spending 15 days in lines, spending somewhere around 5 digits annually to create & maintain your statue as a business got nothin’ on having a virtual company where you pay as you go, wherever you go. *drops mic*

Fo’ real. Abso-friggin-lutely the lowest. Rimuut was found by two siblings whom can only be described as “Bernie Sanders for Freelancers.”

We do not have it written anywhere, but “Fruits of the freelancers’ labor should be harvested by freelancers” and “Platform of the freelancers, by the freelancers, for the freelancers” can be used to describe the motto of Rimuut.

Thus, we make sure to leave the outcome of freelancers’ labor untouched as much as we can humanely / operationally possible.

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